New England Style IPA

6% ABV – 41 IBU’s

This is our 3rd New England IPA from our Cloud Series. As mentioned previously, this style is known for its aroma forward characteristics.  Basically, we want these beers to feel like a pine tree branch full of mango just smacked you in the face with its aroma.  This NE IPA lives up to that description, the nose of this beer starts out all citrus and mango.  We brewed it with flaked oats (no wheat) creating more of a light mouthfeel than Lupulin Cloudburst, but still bringing all the orange, hazy beauty that brewing with high proteins grains provides.  We dry-hopped the *you-know-what* out of this beer with Simcoe hops creating the citrus aroma while only contributing a subtle and super slight tingle & bitterness at the front that then smooths out to a super session-able (aka drinkable) beer.

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