New England Style IPA

6.3 ABV – 40 IBU’s

Cloudburst 2 is our 4th New England IPA from the Cloud Series. We have been having so much fun experimenting with this series & couldn’t be happier with each of these session-able, juicy IPA’s.  When brewing this beer we kept the same malt build as Cirrus Simcoe but decided to take the quantity of dry-hopping to the next level.  This beer has 2.5 lbs of hops per barrel of beer!!  Not only did we dry hop the dickens out of this beer, but we also used a pump to recirculate the hops in the fermenter to gain the most efficiency from our dry hopping as possible.  This beer has a lovely spicy nose with hints of tangerine and melon juiciness.  That juiciness prevails as this beer hits your palate leaving you with a refreshing & fruity aftertaste.

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