Weizenbock 8 ABV & 18 IBU’s Woodchopper at first glance is a cloudy amber color. We brewed this beer with loads (50%) White Wheat and fermented with Bavarian Weizen Yeast.  The wheat [...]

SaugEye Rye

Weiss Bier & Roggenbier Hybrid 5.4 ABV & 14 IBU’s We refer this beer a hybrid due to its unique malt build when looking at other styles that have Wiess yeast.  We fermented Saugeye [...]

Sublime Saison

Key Lime Saison 6.7 ABV – 23 IBU’s Saison is a Belgian style that is derived from the French-speaking parts of Belgium.  This Wheat beer is fermented with Saison yeast.  Saison beers [...]

Cloudburst 4

New England Style IPA 6.1 ABV – 43 IBU’s Cloudburst 4 is our 5th beer on the Cloud Series.  We used the same malt build as previous versions of our New England series, with showcasing [...]


English Brown Ale With Coconut 5.4% ABV – 23 IBU’s Drift away with us with an English style brown ale aged that is perfectly paired with toasted coconut. We added a few European hops [...]